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Does Money Make the World Go Round?

Does Money Make the World Go Round?
Feb 12, 2020 by Randy Herman
Sometimes it seems like money/economics or the world economy controls the news, elections, and people's actions and lives. Other times it seems like it is a quest for power that dictates peoples desire to control. Certainly that appears to be the case where governments are concerned. Where are the positive motives, the altruism, the 'goodness' that is shown on a personal basis by so many? Why can't this be reflected in a larger governing body like our congress or president? My book, The Real Estate Kid, starts to explore motives in this regard from the perspective of real estate. The next book, The Wall Street Kid, looks at motives from a financial/investing viewpoint. I do think we need a reset, a new way of thinking about all these matters and I honestly believe that teenagers, young adults, could often do a better job. The Real Estate Kid  
The Real Estate Kid